Collections: Art and Music Ephemera

Niccolo Paganini, 1828 Broadside

Dan’s home is a salon style gallery of art and violin memorabilia, and is open for friendly viewing by appointment. Equally interested in preserving the historic and nurturing the living, he regularly throws “Art Parties” to raise money for charities.

An avid collector even as a kid (baseball cards, stamps, bottles), in grad school, Dan discovered the new invention of eBay. At this time in his life, he was obsessed with historical violinists, and eBay proved to be an endless resource for building up credit card debt. Over the course of a decade, he built one of the largest collections of violinist memorabilia in the world (over 2,000 pieces) and an interesting accumulation of LPs, 78s, and mutes. He’s given presentations with his collection at universities and some of his collection was featured on a documentary for Czech Television, created by violinist Pavel Sporcl.  The collection includes programs, photos, autographs, ads, handbills, posters, and trading cards of everybody from Paganini, Vieuxtemps, Joachim, Sarasate, and Wieniawski to Midori, Perlman, and Repin, with an entire scrapbook dedicated just for Heifetz.  

Dan began collecting original works of art in 2011 when he purchased a Renoir etching from Christopher Clark Fine Art in San Francisco. Soon thereafter, he became obsessed with scouring the French auction houses for works by all the artists who participated in the Impressionist exhibits of the 1870s and 1880s. He found that etchings by the famous artists, and the oils, watercolors, and drawings by the unknown artists, were all affordable. Thus, the amassing began… Shortly after that, he learned that Camille Pissarro had many descendants who were/are fine artists, so they all found their way into his home, too.

A few years later, he discovered Art Span Open Studios in San Francisco. His obsession then began to encompass new works by living local artists; these people are so much more fun than musicians. Then came the commissioning. He commissioned Paul Gibson to paint his portrait, Cynthia Alvarez to paint his cat, and Mark Stivers to feature him in cartoons.

The art collection now holds well over 100 original works.  Notable artists include Maximilien Luce, Robert Antoine Pinchon, Albert Marie Lebourg, Jean-François Raffaëlli, Karl Schmidt, Jean-Louis Forain, Maurice Louvrier, Armand Guillaumin, Federico Zandomeneghi, Claude-Émile Schuffenecker, Pablo Picasso, Edgar Degas, Rembrandt, Camille Pissarro and eight of his descendants, ancient statues from Egypt, Greece, Rome, and the Americas, and a unique photo by Ansel Adams that has never been reproduced.  Highlights of the collection can be seen below (watermark is to prevent reproduction). None of these works are for sale, but Dan does have many pieces for sale in his Ebay store. 


Karl Schmidt, oil on board, c. 1940

Maximilien Luce, oil on panel, c. 1930

Albert-Marie Lebourg, oil on canvas, c. 1890

Cecilia Hansen, signed photo, 1927

and signed Tchaikovsky quote, 1909

Sevcik autograph copy.png

Otokar Sevcik, autographed photo, 1927 ex- David Sanders

Nikki Vismara, acrylic on canvas, 2019

Paulémile Pissarro, oil on canvas, c. 1970


Jean-François Raffaelli, oil on canvas, 1896


Robert-Antoine Pinchon, oil on canvas, 1928


Albert-Marie Lebourg, oil on canvas, c. 1880

Leopold Auer signed photo, 1927, ex-David Sanders

Hugues Claude Pissarro, oil on canvas, 20th century
Henri Wieniawski 1858 broadside, ex-William Moennig
Eugene Ysaye, signed cabinet photo 1907
Lelia Pissarro, oil on canvas, c. 1980
Carrington Arredondo,
mixed collage on wood, 2016
Marie Hall, signed photo 1903
Camille Pissarro, pencil on paper, c. 1875
Erica Morini, signed photo 1990
Peter Canty, oil on canvas, 21st century
Paul Gibson, oil on canvas, 2010
Sarasate autograph.png
        Pablo de Sarasate
signed cabinet photo, 1900
Joachim autograph.png
Joseph Joachim, signed lithograph, 1894
Kubelik autograph.png
Jan Kubelik, signed cabinet photo 1900
Remenyi program.png
Edouard Remenyi concert program, 1896
Marie-Jeanne Angenent, oil on canvas, 20th century
Sauret autograph.png
Emile Sauret, signed photo 1905
Wilhelmj program.png
August Wilhelmj, concert program 1879
Sarasate program.png
Pablo de Sarasate, concert program 1872
Wieniawski autograph.png
Henryk Wieniawski, rare carte de visite and signed Legende quote, 1874
Urso photo 1.png
Urso autograph.png
Camilla Urso, carte de visite
Enescu program autograph.png
Halle photo.png
Lady Wilma Neruda-Halle, carte de visite and letter, 19th century 
George Enescu, signed program 1912
Jean-Louis Forain, oil on canvas, 1876
Fabumni Raven.jpg
Nina Fabunmi, oil on canvas, 2019
Neruda letter front.png
Flesch program autograph.png
Ferras program autograph.png
Christian Ferras, signed program, 1964
Carl Flesch, signed program, 1927
Bull program.png
Ole Bull, concert program, 19th century
Gustave Colin, oil on board, 19th century
Edgar Degas, etching on paper, c. 1892
Camilla Urso, autograph, 1888
Spivakovsky autograph.png
Tossy Spivakovsky, signed photo 1945
Clarence Cameron White, signed program 1939
Renardy autograph.png
Ossy Renardy, signed photo, 1942
Persinger photo autograph.png
Louis Persinger, signed photo 1929
John Hubbard Rich, oil on canvas, c. 1930
D'Aranyi autograph.png
Jelly D'Aranyi, signed program photo
Odnoposoff autograph.png
Ricardo Odnoposoff, signed photo 1954
Spalding autograph.png
Albert Spalding, signed photo 1948
Sean O'Donnell, reconstructed cello
"Allegro non trollop" 2020
Jascha Heifetz, signed photo, 1927
Fritz Kreisler, signed photo
Bronislaw Huberman, signed photo, 1935
Albert Malet, oil on canvas, c. 1970
Henri Vieuxtemps, carte de visite, signed on reverse, 1866
Thibaud autograph.png
Maurice Louvrier, oil on canvas, c. 1920-40
Rachel Dwan, oil on canvas, 2019
Jacques Thibaud, signed program
Leopold Auer, recital program
Jennifer Berkowitz, oil on canvas, 2015
August Wilhelmj, broadside, 1878
Franz Ondricek, signed photo 1912
Cab Calloway, signed photo
Lutslawski autograph.png
Carroll Glenn, signed photo
Witold Lutoslawski, signed photo
Pissarro, LR.jpg
Pissarro, Orovida.jpg
Victoria Veedell, oil on canvas, 2020
Orovida Pissarro, etching on paper, 1938
George Manzana-Pissarro, pastel on paper, c. 1900-50
Ludovic-Rodo Pissarro, pastel on paper, c. 1920
Carl Flesch, signed magazine photo, 1934
Powell program.png
Maud Powell, concert program
Armand Guillaumin, pastel on paper, 1888
Pissarro, Lucien.jpg
Lucien Pissarro, woodblock print, 1876
Nathan Milstein, concert poster, c. 1980
Menges autograph.png
Prihoda program autograph.png
Vasa Prihoda, signed program 1953
Isolde Menges, signed photo 1921
David Oistrakh, concert poster, 1962
Renoir hat.jpg
August Renoir, etching on paper, 1894
Claude-Emile Schuffenecker, pastel on paper, c. 1880-1930
Hubay autograph.png
Jeno Hubay, signed Huby quote, 1936
Rembrandt w_frame.jpg
Kubelik debut ad.png
Rembrandt van Rijn, etching on paper, 1647 ex-Triton Museum of Art
Jan Kubelik, magazine ad, 1901
Henri Fantin-Latour, lithograph on paper
Duke Ellington, signed photo
Federico Zandomeneghi, pencil on paper c. 1900
Louis Debras, pastel on paper, 19th century
Harry Leslie Hoffman, oil on board
Phillip Dvorak, pastel and charcoal on paper, 2003
Elman autograph.png
Mischa Elman, signed photo, 1953
Kneisel Quartet.png
Kneisel Quartet, concert program 1913
Paul Gibson, mixed media on board 2019
Leibenath DH.jpg
Katja Leibenath, oil on board, 2018
Ansel Adams, original gelatin silver print photograph, circa 1949
Somm, Henry .jpg
Henri Somm, water color on paper, 19th c.
Cals oil.jpg
August Wilhelmj, carte de visite, 19th c.
Adolphe-Felix Cals, oil on canvas, 19th c.
Burmester program.png
Priscilla Otani, oil on canvas, 2019
Marcellin Desboutin, etching on paper                                        1876
Willy Burmest, concert program, 1902
Flonzaley Quartet.png
Flonzaley Quartet, concert program
Elaine Pratt, oil on canvas, 2019
Ysaye Elman flyer.png
Villon w_frame.jpg
Eugene Ysaye, Mischa Elman, flyer c 1920
Budapest Quartet.png
Roth Quartet.png
Olive Mead Quartet.png
New York Quartet.png
Quartet Joachim.png
Jacques Villon, etching on paper, 1907
Louis Legrand, etching on paper, 1908
California Quartet, concert program
Budapest Quartet, handbill, 1946
Roth Quartet, concert program
Olive Mead Quartet, concert program, 1907
New York Quartet, concert program
Joachim Quartet, concert program, 1899
Chicago Quartet.png
Chicago Quartet, concert program
Charles Castleman, handbill, ex-Castleman
Beethoven Quartet.png
Beethoven Quartet, concert program, 1889
Pissarro, Paul.png
Jean-Baptiste Millet, pencil on paper, 1906
Paulémile Pissarro, pastel on paper, c 1960
Stravinsky Dushkin program.png
Igor Stravinsky and Samuel Dushkin concert program, 1935
Adam Shaw, oil on canvas, 2010
Dushkin flyer.png
Samuel Dushkin, handbill, 1942
Carol Jessen, acrylic on wood, 2019
Hall program.png
Marie Hall, concert program, 1900
Vieuxtemps letter pg 1.png
Vieuxtemps letter pg 2.png
Vieuxtemps letter pg 3.png
Henri Vieuxtemps, 3-page letter, 1876
Camille Pissarro, pencil on paper, 19th century
Edouard Remenyi, concert poster, 19th century
Jascha Heifetz, record store poster, c. 1950
Efrem Zimbalist, signed photo, 1946
Yehudi Menuhin, concert poster c. 1920
Fritz Kreisler, concert poster, c. 1943
Edouard Remenyi, signed music quote, 1880
Zino Francescatti signed photo, 1946
Alphonse Legros, etching on paper, 19th century
Berthe Morisot, etching on paper, 1876
Bronislaw Huberman, program ad, 1896
Mischa Mischakoff, signed photo, 1952 ex- David Sanders
Eugene Ysaye, rare cabinet photo
Chemet program autograph.png
Rosa program.png
Renée Chemet, signed program, 1932
Carl Rosa, concert program, 1870
Camilla Urso, broadside, 1852
Cynthia Alvarez, acrylic on canvas, 2019
Cynthia Alvarez, acrylic/gouache on paper 2019
Francisco Zúñiga, lithograph on paper, 1977 ex- SF Mexican Museum
Ruth Posselt, signed program photo
E Ondricek.jpg
Berkowitz nude.jpg
Filomeno program.png
Ricci program autograph.png
Joseph Szigeti, signed photo, 1945
Emilien Mulot-Durivage, oil on canvas, c. 1880
Theophile Alexandre Steinlen, ink on paper, c. 1890
Emanuel Ondricek, signed program photo
Mijin Kwon, oil on wood, 2020
Jennifer Berkowitz, oil on panel, 2018
Josefina Filomeno, concert program, 1868
Ruggiero Ricci, signed program, 1962